Home Education Collective

Welcome to the Home Education Collective. We are so excited to be building a completely different kind of online community for home educating families. For so long now I've wanted to create a community that I would love to be a part of and would love my children to be involved in.

We haven't found our homeschool tribe and don't have a strong homeschooling community around us. But I've over the past year I've discovered amazing and inspiring home educators online that allows me to still surround myself with like-minded families. Which on some days can make the world of difference!!

So I'm relaunching Home Education Collective to build the largest, most active online community available worldwide. I want it to feature projects for kids to get involved with, prizes for them to win, videos from professionals and support for us home educating parents.

But most of all I want it to be for kids to discover what they love learning about. How to make it fun and exciting for them and help them discover their own motivation and passion to learn and share their knowledge with other kids.

The website is launching late May. If you'd like to be kept updated about the launch please follow on Instagram or sign up to our newsletter by entering your email address above.